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Panelentu – Take Away & Street Food of Sardinia

 Per info e prenotazioni: +39 3492169292
Panelentu – Take Away & Street Food of Sardinia Sara Muggittu

Panelentu is the name that we have chosen for our new take away & street food restaurant, specialized in traditional Sardinian cuisine. We offer first courses with fresh homemade pasta as “culurgiones ogliastrini”, “ravioli” with ricotta or with Sardinian cheese, “malloreddos”, “lados”, “fregola” and so on. We propose the famous roast pork and also the tasty sliced sheep, both with potatoes and vegetables. We offer a very typical dish called Panelentu made in several ways as Lasagne and Pizza, Panelentu stuffed with roasted cheese, purpuzza, sausages etc. About drinks, our commercial choise aims at promoting typical local products, so everything that we offer is made in Sardinia: water, beer and wines are closely chosen between the best Sardinia’s products. Panelentu offers to his guests the best quality/price ratio: our first courses cost about 10 € and a portion of roast pork cost about 15 euro. One of our most popular desserts is Sebada (not only with honey), in addition you can find many cakes and biscuits of our tradition. The restaurant’s logo is made by an expert graphic designer and explains the nature of our idea: the circle symbolizes the bread mixture that swells in the hot oven and creates panelentu. It is composed of two sheets of pasta that, after they’ve cooled down, they are separated and put for a second time in the oven: this process gives life to the famous Pane Carasau. The hole in the circle symbolizes the index fingerprint on the dough. Our aim is the respect for environment and sustainable development so everything that we use in our restaurant (dishes, cutlery and so on) is compostable, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. Panelentu is a take away & street food restaurant but those who prefer to taste our cuisine on-site can enjoy our small terrace on Piazza Italia. Its location on the first floor makes it comfortable and confidential without excluding our guests from the Via Nazionale’s nightlife. Panelentu has a modern vintage look, characterized by delicate colors with strong visual impact.

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Piazza Italia (1° piano / lato Via Garibaldi), 08020, Budoni (SS), 
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Telefono +39 3492169292

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  • 1530: Numero gratuito di pronto intervento della Guardia Costiera

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