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Ristorante Medeus

 Per info e prenotazioni: +39 0784 843081
Ristorante Medeus Sara Muggittu

Medeus restaurant pizzeria is the place where you can enjoy the pleasure of being at the table. The essential ingredients are the owner’s experience and the enthusiasm of a young staff full of ideas.

At the heart of our project are our guests, we work for them with enthusiasm and meticulousness. There you are, there is your family, there are your friends. Those who choose to be part of our project, savoring the dishes we serve, will depart for a journey to rediscover Sardinian and Mediterranean culinary tradition.

Our restaurant serves only the highest quality products from the best local suppliers and allow us to offer a varied menu every season of the year. The choice of dishes and drinks is designed to enhance flavors typical of island cuisine.

Even for our pizzeria we only choose the best quality products. The pizzas are rigorously cooked in a wood oven and thanks to a slow leaching you can enjoy a dough that melts in your mouth. Come and try our classic Capricciosa, the unusual Carbonara or the exclusive Medeus Pizza and Pizza Sarda!

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Free Wifi, Bar / Lounge, Free parking

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Piazza Italia, 08020 Budoni , 
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Come Contattarci

Telefono +39 0784 843081
contatto: Ricccardo Ventroni.

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Aperto dalle lunedì - sabato 11:30–15 18–00 domenica 11:30–15 18–23

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Forze dell’ordine

  • 112 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento dell’Arma dei Carabinieri Sede di Budoni: Via Trieste, tel.0784 844122
  • 113 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento della Polizia di Stato
  • 115 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento per richiedere l’intervento dei Vigili del Fuoco
  • 117 Numero gratuito di pubblica utilità che mette in contatto con le sedi operative della Guardia di Finanza
  • Polizia Municipale Budoni: Piazza Giubileo, tel.0784 844007
  • 1515: Numero gratuito di pronto intervento del Corpo Forestale dello Stato
  • 1530: Numero gratuito di pronto intervento della Guardia Costiera

Orario Sante Messe

Parrocchia San Giovanni Battista
Piazza S. Giovanni - Budoni
tel: 0784 844009
Parroco: Don Antonello Corrias

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8:00 - 11:00 - 19:00 Budoni
10:00 Brunella

Sabato e prefestivi

19.00 Budoni

Dal lunedì al Venerdì

19.00 Budoni