Active Relaxation-Excursions Free of charge with a tourist guide

Our environmental guide Emanuel is looking forward to lead you through the discovery of Budoni’s landscape and history, with exploration itineraries to meet wild birds and animals, perspectives and memory of a place that hides a surprise behind each corner.


  • Dunes of Budoni

When: every Monday meeting point 4 pm at Budoni Info Point, in Via Nazionale/Piazza Giubileo

Lasting: 3/4 hours

Itinerary: hike along Budoni Coast, among ponds and pine groves, with the possibility of meeting his majesty, the Sultan Chicken, at the enchanted sunset light.


  • You & Budoni

When: every Thursday meeting point 10 am at Budoni Info Point, in Via Nazionale/Piazza Giubileo

Lasting: 3 hours

Itinerary: you will discover the authentic face of Budoni, including tastings, local craftsmanship and small hidden surprises behind every corner. Let the emotions become your souvenirs!

  • On the Coast by Bike

When: every last Thursday of the month meeting point 4 pm at Budoni Info Point, in Via Nazionale/Piazza Giubileo

Lasting: 3 hours

Itinerary: a short bike tour in the North Coast of Budoni, from the Dead Pond to Cala di li Francesi.

(*We recommend the hiking starting with children from eight years old. Bike and helmet are not provided. The itinerary can change, at discretion of the guide, for environmental factors or various issues. For tips about bikes and facilities hiring, you may apply for the Info Points’ phone numbers listed below.)


  • The hidden Port

When: every Saturday meeting point 9 am at Porto Ottiolu Info Point, in Via del Porto/Via delle Camelie

Lasting: 3/4 hours

Itinerary: the heavenly perspectives of Budoni North Coast, from Cala di li Francesi to Punta Li Tulchi, until the mysterious Poltu Cuatu, the hidden port.

*Excursions are free of charge with compulsory reservation within 8 pm of the previous day, up to the achievement of the maximum number of 30 people for each excursion. We recommend to wear bathing suit and closed shoes. Please bring water with you.

Assistenza Sanitaria

Forze dell’ordine

  • 112 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento dell’Arma dei Carabinieri Sede di Budoni: Via Trieste, tel.0784 844122
  • 113 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento della Polizia di Stato
  • 115 Numero gratuito di pronto intervento per richiedere l’intervento dei Vigili del Fuoco
  • 117 Numero gratuito di pubblica utilità che mette in contatto con le sedi operative della Guardia di Finanza
  • Polizia Municipale Budoni: Piazza Giubileo, tel.0784 844007
  • 1515: Numero gratuito di pronto intervento del Corpo Forestale dello Stato
  • 1530: Numero gratuito di pronto intervento della Guardia Costiera

Orario Sante Messe

Parrocchia San Giovanni Battista
Piazza S. Giovanni - Budoni
tel: 0784 844009
Parroco: Don Antonello Corrias

Orario Estivo


8.00 Budoni
9.30 Tamarispa
10.00 Limpiddu
11.00 Budoni
19.00 Budoni
19.30 Ottiolu


19.00 Budoni
19.30 Agrustos

Dal lunedì al Venerdì

19.00 Budoni